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Are You In The Mood To Challenge Your Brain Today?

And are you one of those dweezers who travel daily to and from work on the rapid bus transport network or underground tube train? To kill time, you sit through the ride fiddling with your mobile playing silly mindless games with blocks and balls, games your post-infant child could ace in the blink of an eye.

Speaking of kids, are you a parent with growing teenagers who always seem to look white as snow because they’re spending so much time indoors playing unwholesome, unedifying and unnaturally healthy video or online games. Why don’t you try this out for a change? Why don’t you get in the mood for truly challenging brain teasers?

And by the time you’ve lugged your tired body (and brain) through the front door at night, why don’t you bring your teenaged child’s door down and offer him a real challenge for a change. It’s quite possible that he or she could work out the puzzle. After all, the kids have been playing on those ‘other’ games long enough already.

It’s quite true that some of those games do offer them challenges which require them to spend a bit of time thinking about what’s going on in front of them, but that’s all it is; a bit of time. Spending hours trying to figure out the brain teasers does a lot more for your kids’ cognitive thinking skills. The games don’t have to be played out all in one setting.

challenging brain teasers

Who knows, this could be an encouragement to get the kids out the front door and into the sunshine and fresh air, spending time with their thoughts, trying to figure out what they need to do next to solve the puzzle. And maybe their calculus book or dictionary will be tucked under their arms as well.